transgender awareness counsellingIf you have grown up with an internal feeling of gender that is not congruent with your birth sex then you may have felt the need to keep this secret, and in so doing were unable to be seen to be, and to experience what it is to be yourself. This can affect other areas in life where a person has been unable to move and express freely, and has kept a large part of themselves hidden. Feelings of confusion, anger and guilt are not uncommon, and some people try to compensate by denying their feelings, and conforming or trying to conform to what they perceive society expects. Experiments with sexuality, sexual orientation and identities are sometimes undertaken in an attempt to find what might work as a lifestyle or strategy.

‘The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.’

Joseph Campbell

In counselling, or in in-depth psychotherapy, I help you to explore your feelings and experiences to find what for you, feels comfortable and authentic. I work from a person -centred and humanistic stance, and also have a Jungian perspective, which acknowledges the potential deep within each of us for the process Jung called ‘individuation’, that is, to become more whole, to incorporate into ourselves and the personality those parts of ourselves we may have been unaware of or suppressed. This is especially relevant to a transgendered person who has tried to conform, ignore or explain in some other way their internal experience of gender. I work with individuals on all parts of the gender spectrum, from those who want to explore their feelings to those who wish to undergo a gender transition, or those who have already done so. I also work with people who seek help with issues that are not connected to gender, but who prefer to see a therapist who has an understanding of gender issues and transition.